Value Added Reseller Program VAR

Brand new business opportunity for you to consider adding yourself as a official ITC services Reseller.

Qualified applicants are now being reviewed as of March 7, 2020.

Approved VAR vendors can offer their clients a multitude of our expert regulatory and specialized consulting services such as:

Safety Data Sheet and Label Authoring

Formally known as the MSDS, now SDS under the Global Harmonized System (GHS) – Hazard Communications standard 1910.1200 Check OSHA for more here

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring Training.

We offer a full range of training options for those that wish to keep their SDS Authoring in-house but lack the expertise. We can train your clients to create compliant Safety Data sheets in just a few sessions! Read more about our Custom Private Training here and our monthly SDS Authoring Workshops here

Safety Data Sheet and Regulatory Management Platform

Safety Data Sheet Management SDSOffer your clients the easiest and fastest way to stay in compliance with a full featured SDS management solution. Online 24/7/365 access to the latest safety data sheets. Organized and updated automatically – just like have a SDS binder in the palm of your hand instantly pulling up the SDS you need with just a few clicks. Smart phone ready, print custom labels for secondary containers. While this platform should be all you need, you can also print out a fully organized binder in seconds if a paper copy is required.
Scheduled live Demos available for you and/or your clients!

We look forward to hearing your interest in offering some of our services to your clients. We are also looking at partner level opportunities if you offer products or services that could benefit our clients.

Please contact us here.

  • Skills:

    • ATE
    • Bridging Principles
    • CAS RN
    • CBI
    • CBI Substantiation
    • CDR
    • Chemical Substance Inventory
    • chemicals
    • Chemicals Safety
    • chemistry
    • Create SDS
    • EHS
    • EU CLP
    • Export Clearances
    • GHS
    • GHS version 7
    • H7
    • hazcom
    • How to create SDS
    • Import Certifications
    • labels
    • Language Translations
    • logistics
    • LVE
    • manufacturing
    • msds authoring
    • NOC
    • OSHA
    • PMN
    • Polymers
    • Prop 65
    • Purple Book
    • R&D
    • regulatory
    • Safety Data Sheets
    • SDS
    • SDS Author training
    • SDS Authoring
    • shipping
    • SNUN
    • Toxicity Data
    • TSCA