SDS & Regulatory Management Platform

SDS & Regulatory Management Platform

Already use an outsourced online SDS management solution and getting frustrated with the results? We would love to hear from you! We make switching over easy and painless. We Really Do!

Thanks to its powerful search engine and user-friendly dashboard, our online interface allows tracking, downloading and consulting on all the SDSs and chemicals present in the workplace and this in just a few seconds. 

It’s Time Compliance’s SDS and Regulatory Management platform and services:
– Direct, easy, effective, real time and 24/7 access to all SDSs and EHS information in the workplace.
– Facilitate access to emergency services
– Maintain GHS regulatory compliance vis-à-vis OSHA’s HCS 2012, Health Canada’s WHMIS 2015 and the EU’s CLP/REACH, and other federal and state regulatory enforcement agencies.
– Reduces risk of fines and helps keeping your contributions to said agencies as low as possible.

  • Customized cloud based interface with your company colors and logos for your customers or suppliers to privately log in and download the SDS’s assigned to their profile.
  • 24/7/365 access!
  • Call center ability to handle all your incoming requests for your product SDS’s. Unique phone number and email created for each client. When we receive a call we can answer as an extension of your company and record each call for you to be able to keep records of every contact. 
  • Email Distribution Alerts. Whenever you update your SDS and need to get it out to everyone of your distribution list, we will send it for you through our lightning fast SDS Distribution Alert Servers. (Servers can be located in  the USA or Canada as per client requirements)
  • Obtainment of original up to date GHS SDS from suppliers for product stewards, manufacturers, and distributors.

Save time and money

The main features of It’s Time Compliance’s SDS management service can be summarized as follows :
1. Customized look and feel
2. Multilingual interface and content available.
3. Customized service levels so you get exactly what you need
4. Private, secure access
5. Smartphone and tablet access.
6. Obtainment, Data entry, and Updates by our Hazcom Warrior team.
7. Administrator Rights provided to key personnel to add, edit or delete SDSs.
8. Web Application :
• Web-hosted (Cloud).
• No licensing fees.
• No implementation on your servers.
• No interface maintenance fees.
• Web hosting on our secure servers.
• Updating, Obtainment, Indexing of updated SDS’s by our Hazcom Warrior team
• The SDS Management interface.
• Customer Support and development updates

IMPORTANT TO KNOW –  We guarantee that when you work with It’s Time Compliance, you are providing much-needed work and earnings to American and Canadian Injured Veterans and their Caregivers as part of our Hazcom Warrior Program Read More Here

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