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Hazcom Warrior Wounded Veterans

Welcome to The Hazcom Warrior Program.

Hazcom Warrior program is comprised of American & Canadian Injured Veterans and their Caregivers. These are the very same amazing men and women that defended our freedom and continue to serve on the front lines adjusting in their “new normal” life with their caregivers. (usually their spouse or close family member). The best of the best among us all!

Our mission is to create training and employment opportunities for our injured veterans and families to help all businesses from large corporations to new or struggling small businesses and non-profit organizations comply with GHS. 

SDS Authoring – Under the tutelage our lead instructor Tracy McGinnis B.Sc. of Primetra Global Regulatory Consultants, our team is developing world-class skills as GHS SDS authors. We could not be happier with the results. Our team of veterans and caregivers continue to amaze us with their attention to detail, capacity to learn and ability to deliver compliant SDS’s while under pressure from workload and time constraints.

⇒NEW SDS Management, SDS Obtainment, Indexing & Updating – 
Our new team led by Michael Leveille, will work with our clients and Hazcom Warrior team members to provide top notch SDS management, Obtainment, Indexing, and Updating services to our clients. Training is also provided by It’s Time Compliance, SDS2go, and top leaders in Hazard Communications field will ensure each of our clients meets their regulatory obligations. Contact Michael directly to discuss how we can serve you. 
(866) 537-9208 ext.203 USA/Canada (336) 804-8033 ext.203 – Global

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HAZCOM WARRIOR SDS AUTHORING 336-804-8033-ext-201Helping small or startup businesses & nonprofits

The Hazcom Warrior Program was built for a higher purpose than just business as usual. This incredible program is here to help those that truly need it.

While GHS does help keep employees in the workplace safer, it can be very costly to implement. In some cases, a non-profit organization or small business may consider eliminating products and whole lines, or closing its doors as the last option left for them. We have heard this story from coast to coast, USA and Canada alike.

  • Do you have a non-profit organization or small business that is struggling to afford the transition of your product mSDS to GHS SDS for the US or Canadian Market or manage them in binders for right-to-know requirements?
  • Have you shopped around for the lowest priced SDS Authoring /management and discovering what was delivered is of low quality, incorrect, non-compliant or not at all?
  • Have you received a Notice Of Violation?
  • Can you prove financial hardship due to implementing GHS?

Hazcom Warrior Program may be able to help you meet your obligations at cost and in some cases without any charge! 

Through corporate sponsorship and private citizen donations, Hazcom Warrior Program is a new beacon of light for those that are hit hardest by new and evolving regulations pertaining to the Safety Data Sheet. From SDS Authoring to SDS Management, HAZCOM planning and training.

We trusted them with the safety and security of the world, it’s time to trust them with the safety and security of the workplace

Hazcom Warrior is a not-for-profit program that provides training and employment opportunities for US & Canadian injured veterans and veteran caregivers in the Hazard Communication Industry and is sponsored by It’s Time Compliance Inc.

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  • Skills:

    • CAS
    • CAS RN requests
    • CASRN
    • CBI Substantiation
    • CEPA
    • Chemical Safety
    • Export Clearances and Notifications
    • GHS SDS Conversion
    • H7
    • Hazard Communication
    • Hazcom
    • Import Certifications
    • LVE
    • NOC
    • OSHA
    • PMN
    • Polymers
    • R&D
    • SDS Author
    • SDS Author Training
    • SDS Authoring Course
    • SDS Authoring Software
    • SDS Authoring Training
    • SDS creation
    • SDS transfer
    • SDS Update
    • SNUN
    • Toxicology
    • TSCA
    • TSCA Compliance
    • TSCA Consent Orders
    • TSCA Reform - including Inventory reset
    • WHMIS 2015