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GHS mSDS Authoring Workshop
6 Hour Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring Online Workshop 

We have now posted the next fall dates for our open SDS Authoring Workshop. In our open workshop, we use a sample multiple ingredient chemical mixture to classify in GHS for USA and Canada. In open online workshops, we limit the amount of attendees to 5 so you can ask questions at any time and go over previously covered topics.

September 10, 11, 12. 2019 Fully Booked
10 am – 12 pm Eastern. 
(2 Hours per session)

October 1, 2, 3. 2019
10 am – 12 pm Eastern. 
(2 Hours per session)

November 19, 20, 21. 2019
10 am – 12 pm Eastern. 
(2 Hours per session)

December dates – please contact us using the form below or call us 866-537-9208 or 336-804-8033

Best option for beginners and those with limited experience. This 6 hour workshop gives you the tools to get you on your way to authoring your own Safety Data Sheets.

This workshop covers USA OSHA and Canadian jurisdictions. If you require additional or different jurisdictions, please contact us for availability and pricing.

True How-To Online Workshop. Step by step, every section covered including excellent data resources, &  Toxicology research tools to help you classify your products correctly. 

  • Live Online Expert SDS Authoring Trainer
  • MSDS GHS Conversion
  • Exemptions, Trade Secrets, and Update requirements;
  • Classification – Hierarchy of data and Physical Hazard Classification endpoints review.
  • Toxicological (Health) hazard classification endpoint review.
  • Mixture classification rules;
  • Labeling requirements – including harmonization pitfalls;
  • SDS Content and layout;
  • Review of sample product SDS and label.
  • How to properly evaluate existing SDS’s from suppliers.

If you are advanced, we have custom targeted training options available, please contact us so we can discuss your particular requirements.

Please contact us using the form below to get the full online agenda, and pricing for the next workshop dates. Or call us 336-804-8033.

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