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Safety Data Sheet Compliance

Safety Data Sheet GHS (SDS) Authoring Live Workshop

6 Hour Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring 2020 Live Workshop Learn how to Author Compliant Safety Data Sheets and Labels for your chemicals! In our live workshops, we use a sample multiple ingredient liquid chemical mixture to classify in GHS for USA and Canada. In open online workshops, we limit the amount of attendees to 5 so you can ask questions at…

TSCA Compliance is a Value Proposition?

It was true three years ago; in 2019, 3 years into TSCA Reform, the value that robust compliance with the rules, requirement and regulations of TSCA Compliance brings to Customers increases with every reform milestone. TSCA Compliance is a Value Proposition. See Checklist Below The Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act for the 21st Century (LCSA) was signed into law on June 22,…

TSCA Chemicals Evaluation News

EPA Finalizes Chemicals List to Undergo Risk Evaluation under TSCA

Here is the list of the next 20 chemicals to Undergo Risk Evaluation under TSCA. Finalizing this list of high-priority chemicals for risk evaluation represents the final step in the prioritization process outlined in TSCA and marks another major TSCA milestone for EPA in its efforts to ensure the safety of existing chemicals in the marketplace. p-Dichlorobenzene 1,2-Dichloroethane trans-1,2- Dichloroethylene o-Dichlorobenzene…

Chemicals Industry Safety

EPA Releases First Major Update to Chemicals List in 40 Years

From August 11, 2017 through October 5, 2018, chemical manufacturers and processors provided information on which chemicals were manufactured, imported or processed in the U.S. over the past ten years, the period ending June 21, 2016. The agency received more than 90,000 responses, which represents a significant reporting effort by manufacturers, importers and processors. Today, 02/19/2019 the U.S. Environmental Protection…

TSCA 40 Chemicals Identified

EPA Identifies 40 Chemicals to Prioritize for Risk Evaluation

EPA Identifies and Publishes 40 Chemicals to Prioritize for Risk Evaluation. WASHINGTON (March 20, 2019) Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is publishing a list of 40 chemicals to begin the prioritization process – the initial step in a new process of reviewing chemicals currently in commerce under the amended Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). “EPA continues to demonstrate…