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Hazcom Warrior is a not for profit program that provides training and employment opportunities for US & Canadian injured veterans and veteran caregivers and is sponsored by It’s Time Compliance Inc.

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Please allow me to introduce a unique program that we created that retrains and transitions into civilian life an important segment of our population – Our Injured Military Veterans. Their sacrifice not only deserves our respect, gratitude and admiration but should also allow them the dignity to return home with the ability to be gainfully employed and provide financially for their families who in turn continue to sacrifice from their service.

Too many of our vets are returning home with severe injury and trauma that some companies deem as unemployable. Many of them struggle with physical and emotional impairments that require many hospital and/or therapy visits and sessions. It can be difficult or impossible for them to work in a 9 to 5 position. Many return with specific skills or training that some companies may deem as too specific or not applicable to an open position.

The truth is that these men and women that are serving in the military and returning from overseas are some of the hardest working, mission oriented, flexible and adaptable workers in the world.

HAZCOM Warrior – Our Injured Veteran and Caregiver Learn and Earn Program was missioned to create a team, a squad, a force of highly trained competent and professional SDS authors. Under the tutelage our lead trainer Tracy McGinnis B.Sc. of Primetra Global Regulatory Consultants, our team is developing world class skills as GHS SDS authors. We could not be happier with the results. Our team of veterans and caregivers continue to amaze us with their attention to detail, capacity to learn and ability to deliver compliant SDS’s while under pressure from workload and time constraints.

We invite you to learn more about Hazcom Warriors. Please contact us to schedule a conversation.

Drew Hickman

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